Must Have’s for Spring:

As Spring Break comes to an end, and my endless shopping in the city of San Francisco drains my bank account, I have decided to share my “must have’s” of Spring. Below, I compiled a small list of clothing and accessories I find necessary to enter Spring term with.

1. Lacey, off the shoulder dress:

Nothing better than a flirty dress to start off Spring with. I am definitely in an “off the shoulders” phase right now and am currently on the search for the perfect dress to fulfill this desire.


2. Leather skirt:

I am obsessed with leather right now; this obsession began in winter with leggings and I felt it necessary to carry this trend on in the shape of a skirt.


3. Neon dress:

Not only is the cut and shape of this dress unique, I find that the bold statement of neon in clothing is very flattering on all.


4. Lacey wedges:

Wedges help us shorties reach a higher level of confidence, assisting us in both height and style. Lace wedges are a great addition to almost any spring outfit.



5. Hot pink lipstick:

With cold weather comes my desire for bold, red lipstick, but as the season changes I notice how necessary it is to brighten the color, creating a more playful look.



6. Black, lacy biker shorts:

No matter what color, lace shorts are a definite must for my wardrobe this spring. I cannot wait to match them with loose tank tops and “too short” dresses.


7. Bright, unique leotards:

I am constantly on the hunt for new leotards and swimsuits to sport under high-waisted shorts and skirts. My favorite finds are from Black Mill and thirft shops!




8. Knee high socks:

With high-waisted shorts, skirts, or even dresses, matching a pair of knee high socks will add a little something to make the outfit even more stunning.


9. Neon eyeliner:

I have always been primarily a black eyeliner kind of girl, but recently I have been pushing my boundaries and throwing in some white and purple. For spring, I want to take another step outside of the norm and use neon eyeliner to create a bold, brave statement with an ordinary, normal outfit.




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