Positive Thoughts Only


Lately I have been feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed. Which is bound to be natural emotions for those who have recently graduated, moved back to the comfort of their parent’s home, and are either in the midst of a job search or juggling multiple part time jobs. I have been feeling down on myself, because even though I am proud of myself for how hard I am working and my determination to grow and succeed, I still can’t help finding myself frustrated with where I am at.

I pictured myself in a big city, living in a cozy flat, and working long hours at an ad agency as a graphic designer.

Now that I have spent these first three months of “post-grad-life”, my dreams toward my future have changed SO DRASTICALLY. While I am obsessed with design and can’t go a day without working in Adobe, I have broadened my horizons towards the future, my future. I am starting each day with a positive thought, even though I am overwhelmed with juggling three part time jobs and one internship. Keeping open minded propels me in the right direction, and only positivity can help me get there!

xx Jordyn


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