Ten Things Tuesday


While I could waste my time apologizing for my lack of attention these past six months, I’d rather bring you up to speed on my whereabouts and doings.

Thus, Ten Things Tuesday commences:

  1. I said goodbye to Portland and moved to Seattle.

2. I landed an incredible job! We all know the whole juggling-five-jobs-eighty-hour-weeks was unrealistic and gross, so when I was offered a position with a talented architecture firm, I could not say no. Check us out, we are the sh**: NAC Architecture // Also, let’s be real, who else remembers how obsessed with the SIMS I was simply for designing and decorating the houses? Well, although I am (obviously) not an architect (randomly out of thin air) I am their Marketing Coordinator and I get to be surrounded by architects and designers and creators and awesome human beings, every day!

3. The first weekend I started my new job I had my first Vegas experience (very adult-like-and-responsible-of-me). And it was probably (hopefully) my last trip there.

4. I spent two plus months sleeping on my friend’s couch (wedged between two nocturnal cats). They are literally saints (shout out to saint Tori and saint Katy.) We all know how anti-social-independent-leave-me-alone I can be…so props to me for living out of a suitcase and on a couch in a brand new city. And by the way….all four of them (cats included) are the BEST roommates I have ever had. It is insanely overwhelming to be welcomed into someone’s home when you feel like such a burden and nuisance. SO overwhelming. No amount of thanks and gifts could ever make up for this!

5. And then, I FINALLY got my own place! AND IT IS EVERYTHING I IMAGINED, AND MORE. I landed two awesome roommates, one a young professional (like me, whoop whoop) and her orange furry cat, Reese. I have zee cutest lil balcony off my room and I am smack dab between Queen Anne and Fremont, what is better than that?

6. I ADOPTED MY BABY MUMPO. The second you are a mom, your whole world changes. This lil monkey is literally my entire world. LOOK.AT.THOSE.EYES. (And get with the program and read The Wind Singer like I did so you call him Mumpo, not Mumbo).


7. I Discovered that Beer Friday is the Best Friday. Thanks co-workers for creating this weekly holiday.

8. I Found an awesome church (shout out to Tori and Justin Bieber for helping me out). The pastor prays for the Seahawks, so yeah. I am also reading his book, which is bomb, thus far.

9.I crossed off another artist on my “must see before I die” list. Two down…one to go! We all know I was blessed enough to see Paul McCartney two summers ago, well last weekend I FINALLY got to see The Weeknd. AND SCREW EVERYONE WHO SAYS THEY ARE BAD LIVE. I AM IN LOVE. (Still waiting on Fleetwood Mac to finish my list…….)

10. And to wrap this up, I am finally feeling like a Seattle-ite. Because…(1) I went to my first (and second) Mariner’s game, (2) I kayaked on the Sound (yes, there was some screaming involved, because jelly-fish, you know), (3) I bought my first Seahawks jersey (I love you Richard), (4) I watched the sunset at Gasworks park with my sweet, sweet boyfriend (YAY NO MORE LONG DISTANCE), (5) I rode the ferris wheel at night (fun birthday, tourist-y surprise via sweet boyfriend, of course), (6) I posed awkwardly by the gum wall, (7) And lastly, I am able to almost navigate the bus system (let’s not forget public transportation was a foreign thought to me).

Let’s all hope I am more aware of this amazing blog than I have been!




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