Ten Things Tuesday

1. I have an obsession with paper/stationary/craft stores. So of course when I went to buy my roommate a birthday present I fell absolutely in LOVE with this planner. And considering that I already have about ten this year, I definitely needed a new one………

Check out BAN.DO. They are basically my dream company now. They are girly, spunky, and inspiring in every way possible.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.39.54 PM

2. I found the cutest flowery delivery place in Seattle. I discovered them when I was home sick on my boyfriend’s mom’s birthday and I needed a quick present to send her way. The company is called The Bouqs. I am in love, to say the least. I chose “Farmer’s Choice” and they were absolutely stunning. They delivered the same day, and earlier than planned! Did I mention their flowers grow at the base of a VOLCANO? Yeah.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 8.36.07 PM

3. I forced my boyfriend to finally read the Harry Potter series and I promised I would read alongside him……but now he is on the fourth book……and I am still saying I will catch up…..

4. OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS. I fell in love with a design firm. THEY ARE THE COOLEST PLACE EVER. Hum Creative. Located in amazing Seattle (of course). I am having way too much fun stalking them.

5. Lately I am ONLY listening to oldies at work. Cue The Carpenters.

6. It is Pumpkin Reese’s season. The BEST season.

7. My best friend and her brother finally visited me this weekend and we went to Beat Connection’s new album release party. I DIDN’T KNOW THEY COULD GET EVEN BETTER.

8. Fall gives me all sorts of good feels. Pumpkin, leaves, snuggles, tea, football, more snuggles. Ahh I am happy.

9. Saw Black Mass last week and it actually took me 3/4 of the movie to realize that was Johnny Depp. Dear Lord.

10. I just stepped on my kitten Mumpo and spilled my wine ALL OVER MYSELF AND THE FLOOR. This is not a good way to end Ten Things Tuesday. But this is my life…

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