Music Monday

Everyone knows I love a good CHVRCHES cover.


Is This Real?

I cannot believe that only a few weeks ago I graduated from college. It was an incredible past four years and I am sad to see it end. From living in the dorms with an old friend, to the sorority with over fifty new sisters, to my first two houses, I’ve learned to laugh at the things you cannot control, actually stay organized and productive, wear ear plugs to bed every night when your neighbors are prone to throwing raging Sunday parties, keep kittens in your house for constant snuggles, make a permanent fort in the living room, binge watch drama-filled television series, late night Taco Bell runs cure everything, to go to as many concerts and festivals that your bank account will allow, running onto campus at 3:00 am to steal flowers is the perfect ending to a night, to say yes to every new adventure thrown your way, and to always have a bottle of wine at your house for emergencies.

Thank you to the University of Oregon for introducing me to the incredible people, professors, and memories. I am excited to see what the future has in store for me!

(If you are looking for a creative-being/designer/music-loving/multi-tasking superstar, you know where to find me)


xx Jordyn




The Fourth

Happy Fourth of July to all celebrating today! I hope your day is filled with family, friends, fireworks, cold beer, hot sun, and of course freedom.

I am planning on wrapping myself in my vintage American flag, playing at the river, and drinking blue moon all day.

xx Jordyn

flower flag



flag and kitty








Goodbye Sweet Gatsby

This past Thursday my roommate’s and I lost our kitty Gatsby.

I have never been much of a fan of cats, but when Gatsby was brought home this past fall, I fell in love immediately. He was prone to meowing annoyingly outside my bedroom door every morning for our ritual snuggle before I went to class, often tried to hop in the shower with me, purred louder than any cat I’ve known, was a lover to our other cat Gus, a bit of an attention whore and social butterfly, and was happiest eating, snuggling, or playing outside.

He is missed deeply already. I am blessed with all of the great memories I had with our sweet boy.





Love you and miss you Gatsby.

2 Years


Today marks the two year anniversary between me and “It’s the Little Things”. I love being able to share my thoughts, inspirations, photography, words, and designs with you all. I am blessed with these past two years of growth and it is amazing to look back at the years through each individual blog post.

Thank you to all that stay involved!

xx Jordyn

Do What You Love

My Top 5 Loves of the Day:

  1. My morning coffee.
  2. Snuggles from the purring kitty.
  3. The lavender flowers in the cemetery that I pass on my way to class.
  4. Finding new music.
  5. And, of course, working on my handwriting with my favorite sketching pens.


do what you love

White & Nature

My Monday Mood this week is focused on the contrast of fresh, bright whites against the lush greens of spring. Now that the sun is out, it is definitely getting easier to wake up earlier and spend more time exploring the perfect Northwest.

I want to spend every day being inspired and inspiring others.



Painted Images

Combining my two favorite loves: photography and painting.

spin sarah

wood tepee

grassy and kristina

group shot

kristina run

mill race

sarah and linnea


woods kristina

Special thanks to my beautiful models: Kristina Pham-Loo, Sarah Tromley, and Linnea Haas.

All photos and artwork by me, Jordyn Prince.

Positivity & Productivity

It is the week before dead week—which in the world of a Journalism student, really means that it is the week before finals.

It is absurd the amount of projects, papers, tests, labs, and deadlines I have to make before the term is over. Therefore, it is important to have a positive outlook on these two weeks to come. I am starting my Monday off right with as much productivity and self-control as possible.

With my double dirty chai, THIS song on repeat, and my dried mangos, I am ready to tackle this week no matter how many waves of the Monday Blues I am being hit with. Positivity & Productivity are my Monday Motto.

New Addiction

Everybody loves the Queen herself, Beyonce, but lately it is Haim that I have been following in awe.

So, of course when I came across Haim’s cover of Beyonce’s song XO, I fell in love.

America’s sister act is definitely one to keep your eye on. With an almost Fleetwood Mac-like rock, and inspirations from the Beatles, Santana, and the sounds of Motown, it only makes sense that this is my new favorite group.

I am looking forward to seeing these three talented sisters perform in May at Sasquatch. Enjoy!

XX Jordyn

Monday Inspiration: Foolish & Hungry

At the beginning of the year, I wrote down the one word that would most accurately represent who I have been while living my life: careful.


As of lately, I have been trying to take risks and say yes to everything that is thrown my way—-knowing that if I get stuck or mess up, I will figure it out along the way. This has been a hard change for me, for I am far too careful. I always play it safe, and for once I am ready to start taking risks and making mistakes. Life is far more exciting that way. Therefore, I suggest that you all too be foolish and remain hungry for life.

I Need My Girl

It only makes sense that The National would release their official music video “I Need My Girl (produced by Sophia Peer) on Valentine’s Day. Their longing, lonely lyrics go hand in hand with this holiday. The eerie, black-and-white filming of couples portraying music box dancers only adds to this moving song.

I fell in love with The National at the beginning of last year, saw them perform at Outside Lands (favorite song, “I Should Live in Salt”) and was ecstatic to see them on the upcoming Sasquatch Festival line up for this year.